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# Topic Org.
1  SRT’s Training Center: Towards the New Horizon SRT
2  KAI Lifestyle PT KAI 
3  Non-Rail Business MRA 
4  Improving Coal Transport Capacity Using Openside Dump Container PT KAI
5  The Journey of Transforming Intercity Passenger Rail Service in the Eastern Line KTMB 
6  Ecosystem Driven Portfolio Business Development Approach PT KAI 
7  Promoting International Container Transport by Railways VNR 
8  The Heritage Railway Tells the Great Story PT KAI 
9  SRT Headquarters and Adjacent Areas Development at Bang Sue Grand Station Zone E SRT
10  Retail Cargo Shift PT KAI 
11  Current Situation and Approach the Enhance of Logistics Sector in Myanma Railways MRA
12  Management of Restaurant Towards Excellent Services on Train PT KAI 
13  The Railway Operation and Transportation in Cambodia MPWT 
14  Railway Oriented Development; A Solution for Urban Development PT KAI 
15  Bang Sue Grand Station Facilities Services and Commercial Operation SRT
16  Railway Special Police PT KAI 
17  Current Situation of Operation and Management Passenger & Freight Transport in Lao Railway Authority LRA 
18  The Train Crew Operation Method To Reduce S.P.A.D  PT KAI
19  Implementation for Yangon Circular Railways Development MRA 
20  Reactivation of Four Railway Lines in West Java to Support Economic Growth and Tourism Services PT KAI 
21  Computerized System Application in Freight Management VNR
22  KAI Lifestyle PT KAI 
23  Experiencing Wonderful Moment in the ETS Business Class KTMB 
24  Shifting Mindset for Education and Marketing by Vlogging PT KAI