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Conference Agenda

CEOs' Group
  • Thailand’s Rail Network: Bold Moves and Beyond (SRT)
  • Railway Development Plan (MPWT)
  • Travelling with Millennials (PT KAI)
  • Role, Details and Estimation of Operation Service Cost on Lao – China Railway Line (LRA)
  • Experiencing Wonderful Moment in the ETS Business Class (KTMB)
  • Current Situation and Development of Myanma Railways (MRA)
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Developing of Railway Infrastructure Projects (VNR)
  • ESCAP Initiatives to Support Seamless Operations Along the Singapore Kunming  Rail Link (ESCAP)
  • UIC Digital Platform and Rail Digitalization Programme (UIC)
Marketing & Operations Working Group
  • SRT’s Training Center: Towards the New Horizon (SRT)
  • KAI Access (PT KAI)
  • Non-Rail Business (MRA)
  • The Journey of Transforming Intercity Passenger Rail Service in the Eastern Line (KTMB)
  • Promoting International Container Transport by Railways (VNR)
  • The Railway Operation and Transportation in Cambodia (MPWT)
  • Current Situation of Operation and Management Passenger & Freight Transport in Lao Railway Authority (LRA)
Technical Working Group
  • Running Test and Operating Plan for Power Cars (SRT)
  • PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia Ready to Serve 1.2 Million (PT KAI)
  • Research, Design, Manufacture of End-of-Train Equipment in Vietnam (VNR)
  • KTMB Experience in Managing the Influence of AC Electric Traction on Harmonic Distortion in 25kV Supply Voltage Network (KTMB)
  • Railway Rehabilitation Project in Cambodia (MPWT)
  • New Railway Bridge Construction of Myitnge River Crossing (MRA)
  • Risk Management of Lao Railways (LRA)